Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Psychiatry Services Depression Anxiety Stress eating disorders. Dr. Clemmie Palmer III is a board-certified Psychiatrist. He has practiced in Montgomery since 1998. He sees children, adolescents and adults.


  1. I have been a patient of Dr. Palmer since 2003. I am a desert storm veteran.
    He diagnosed me with Post traumatic stress disorder and started me on medications.
    Now I feel normal again. Thank you Dr. Palmer for understanding me and helping
    to stabilized my mood

  2. I had difficulty learning in school. I learned that Dr. Palmer treats a lot of ADHD
    people and went to him. Since I have been under his care my grades in college have
    improved and I feel that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to.- TA

  3. I like the videos! Dr Clemmie Palmer explain things in a very simple and clear way!

  4. I have been seeing Dr. Palmer for 3 months and I look forward to my visits. Dr. Palmer is so inspiring.

  5. I was diagnose with PTSD by Dr. Palmer after being raped in the military. I had several diagnoses prior to seeing him. I am presently stable and Thanks to Dr. Palmer , I am back at work !

  6. A Dr Palmer's video